About the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People

The aim of the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People (EPIK) is to improve the livelihood, the quality of life and the social inclusion of disabled people.

Who are we?

  • A non-governmental organisation with a public benefit purpose.
  • An umbrella organisation for disability organisations in Estonia.
  • A network of 16 county boards of disabled people and 32 nationwide disability-specific unions and associations. And an additional five supporting members. In total, we represent about 285 organisations from all over Estonia.
  • A national cooperative body for the work in the area of disability.
  • An opinion-former on disability matters.
  • A partner with the state, local government, private sector and other non-governmental organisations in matters related to disability.

What do we do to achieve our goals?

  • We participate in formulating policies related to disabled and chronically ill people.
  • We raise society’s awareness about the rights and needs of disabled and chronically ill people.
  • We counsel disabled and chronically ill people.
  • We publish guides and information materials.
  • We provide information to our member organisations, disabled people and partners.
  • We organise information days, training courses and conferences.

Our vision: to be an independent and professional former of disability policies and societal opinion.

Our mission: to improve the quality of life, social inclusion and opportunities for personal fulfilment for disabled and chronically ill people through advocacy and cooperation.

Read more:
Important documents for our work.
Our work is based on the principles of the Code of Ethics of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations.
See also (file: epiour leaflet.

All the important information will be published in our newsletter (in Estonian), you can also follow us on Facebookis.

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