Our advocacy activities are based on our statutory objectives:

  • Protect the human, civil, social and economic rights of disabled people.
  • Protect the interests of our members and membership members.
  • Be a national cooperation and coordination body for the promotion of disability policy.
  • Represent and protect the interests of disabled people in Estonia at European and international level.
  • Promote equal opportunities for all according to the non-discrimination policy along with national governing bodies, authorities, civic unions, the business sector, international organisations and representative bodies.
  • Provide training, special care, social and other services and organise joint events.

To achieve the objectives:

  • We work together with national bodies, local government bodies and civil society and private sector organisations.
  • We participate in working groups; provide information, implement development activities and projects for the member organisations of the Chamber and for disabled and chronically ill people.
  • We publish information materials and communicate with the general public through the media.
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