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The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People is an umbrella organisation for associations of disabled people all over Estonia, uniting 16 regional and 32 disability-specific unions and associations and 5 supporting members. Having sector-specific competence in disability issues, participating in the development of disability policies as a representative, and having an overview of the situation of people with disabilities thanks to the daily work of our network, makes us the primary point of contact in disability issues.

Registry code: 80014660
Toompuiestee 10, Tallinn 10137
Billing account No. EE28 1010 0520 3058 4000 SEB

The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People is included in the list of non-profit associations and foundations that are not subject to income tax.

Chief Director
Phone: +372 661 6393
GSM: 56880320

Anneli Habicht

About Anneli: My education is diverse – I have studied business administration and andragogy (MA). My master's thesis focused on the experiences of students with special needs in higher education. In my previous career, I was responsible for customer service, sales, marketing and HR in various hotels. My experience of being a parent to a disabled daughter has brought me to work in the field of people with special needs. As a trainer, I started providing communication training for disabled persons in 2003 and I occasionally still work as a trainer. In the ECDP, my task is to organise our everyday work and also plan our future activities, meaning that I have multiple responsibilities. I am never bored or run out of challenges. Fortunately, our small team is tight-knit, active and inspiring, and together we can overcome everything.

What others say about Anneli: Anneli's sense of humor is extraordinary and might take some getting used to. For example, she intimidated us with it so much in our first team meeting and job interview that we were very close to saying “No”. In the end, Anneli’s versatile education, work experience in fields other team members did not have, and personal experiences sealed the deal. We are glad that we trusted our gut feeling at the time. Anneli is a great companion, incredibly hardworking and thorough, and very systematic and diligent in her work. You can trust her with your life!

Chief Specialist in External Relations
GSM: +372 5014164

Meelis Joost

Meelis about himself: I have studied graphic design and languages – Estonian in the University of Tartu and Norwegian language and literature in the University of Oslo. I have been working as a developer of external relations at ECDP since 2001 – part-time at first, but full-time since the summer of 2003. Since 2004, I have been working as a representative of the ECDP in the European Economic and Social Committee. I also represent the ECDP as a member of the management board of the Estonian Agrenska Foundation since 2003. Working in the ECDP is full of variety – I meet many different people in the course of developing external relations and my activities related to the European Union.

What others say about Meelis: Although it might seem that Meelis spends most of his time abroad or at the airport, he is still always available for the team. His long-term work experience in an organisation for people with disabilities gives him invaluable knowledge and experience. He is a good performer, an attentive listener and has great communication skills. He is passionate when defending his views, even if it might lead to a conflict with others.

Chief Specialist
Phone: +372 661 6614

Tauno Asuja

Tauno about himself: I graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in social work in 2005 and have worked in this field since the early years of my studies, starting with child protection and quite soon finding myself working with people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders. My longest work experience has been managing the daily work of the Tallinn Chamber of Disabled People for 8 years, which has given me valuable and priceless experience in terms of personal development. Working in a third sector organisation primarily captivates me because I can find solutions to various challenges, launch new initiatives, and acquire new skills and knowledge, if necessary.

What others say about Tauno: Tauno, the newest member of the ECDP team, already knew how to "swim" when he joined us, because he had extensive work experience from the Tallinn Chamber of Disabled People. In his work, Tauno is cheerful, versatile and precise. He notices details, but at the same time can keep an eye on the big picture.

Adviser (in the field of work ability assessment and disability determination)
Phone: +372 6715909

Kristi Rekand

Kristi about herself: I have a master's degree in social work and law and have worked in both the public and third sector. My particular interest and I could even say my mission is related to people with special mental needs and the protection of their basic and human rights. Without exaggerating, I believe that I am truly a human rights activist and I want to make sure that the rights of people with special needs are ensured and protected without discrimination, regardless of the field. For me, special needs is a subject that affects every person more or less as a natural part of life. By focusing on humanity and valuing everything that is good and special, which every person undoubtedly has, I want to contribute to ensuring human dignity and everyone’s right to self-determination. Working as an advisor at the ECDP is a natural continuation of my previous professional and personal development and with my knowledge and personal qualities, I hope to support both people with special needs and the society, while also contributing as a supportive colleague.

What others say about Kristi: Kristi is the newest member of our team. Out of all of us, Kristi is the most on the forefront, advising people face to face. We have noticed that the opportunity to help people with special needs by putting her best competencies to use brings Kristi great joy. Especially when customer cases are complex, but are resolved in a way that really supports the client. Kristi is the only lawyer on our team and thus an important source of knowledge and development for all of us. She is also eager to learn – she is very interested in the functioning of the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, how our members are doing, and whether the goals of the Chamber are met. Although Kristi's work is not easy, she can miraculously stay optimistic and keep her head high.

Chief Specialist
Phone: +372 661 6393

Marja-Liisa Pihlak

Marja-Liisa about herself: After high school, I was sure I wanted to study physiotherapy or psychology. I chose the latter and was awarded a psychologist diploma in 2004, after which I started working as an activity instructor of people with special needs. Life has faced me with many challenges and I have worked both in an archive and in temporary employment agencies as a recruitment consultant. Following my true calling, I started social work studies a few years ago and applied for the chief specialist position at the ECDP in the penultimate year of university. I am sincerely grateful to have been chosen and to have been able to engage in a field that truly speaks to me.

What others say about Marja-Liisa: Marja-Liisa can touch the hearts of our customers. This is thanks to her diverse education, which currently includes knowledge in psychology and social work. She has a strong sense of duty. What makes Marja-Liisa wonderful is her ability to pay attention which allows her notice things about her colleagues and clients that make them feel good when she mentions them.

Chief Specialist
Tel: +372 661 6614

Vladislav Veližanin

Vladislav about himself: “I am, above all, an active citizen - the desire to contribute to the community has largely determined my course so far and gives me the energy for solving daily tasks. My professional journey started at the youth association "Open Republic", where during high school I carried out civic education integration projects for national minorities. I obtained my first higher education in the field of communication at Tallinn University (and partly as an exchange student at Erasmus University in the Netherlands), then worked for some time as a PR agency consultant. For me, EPIC is more than just a job: it's a way of life in which I commit myself to a mission of civic oversight, developing good practices and more cohesive communities.

The following people help to make sure that everything is running smoothly and those who visit our building are taken care of appropriately:

Tiiu Lill
The hostess of the building
Phone: +372 661 6629

Tiiu is the fairy godmother of the ECDP, ensuring that all events in our house run smoothly. In her work, Tiiu is extremely diligent and precise. With her kind and friendly nature, she captivates both the people working in our building and our visitors.

Andrus Helenurm
Phone: +372 661 6629

Ene Oga
Phone: +372 661 6629

Rein Järve
Courtyard caretaker
Phone: +372 661 6629

Olga Moler
Phone: +372 661 6629

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