General meeting

The highest authority of the Chamber is the general meeting, where every member of the association has one vote. The management board convenes a general meeting of the association at least twice a year.

The competence of the general meeting includes:

  • Changing the statutes.
  • Appointing and dismissing board members and the Chair of the Board.
  • Appointing and dismissing members of the revision committee.
  • Deciding whether to conclude a transaction with or file a claim against a member of the board or another member of the body and appointing a representative of the association for this transaction or claim.
  • Deciding on the transfer or encumbering of the immovable properties and movable properties entered into a register belonging to the association with real rights and laying down conditions for said transactions.
  • Deciding on other matters that do not fall under the competences granted to other bodies by law or statutes.

Minutes of general meetings (in Estonian):

Illustratsioon: mees peab kõnet, taustal kuulavad erinevas vanuses inimesed.