Magazine "Sinuga"

The first two issues of the magazine Sinuga were published in 1994. Since then, the ECDP has consistently published two printed issues per year. As of June 2020, the magazine is also available to read as an online magazine.

The magazine has always had two objectives: to provide the ECDP member organisations, disabled people and their families with an overview of the activities and events, and to inform the wider public about both the problems and successes of disabled people. The updated magazine includes information about topics related to disabled people and their families, exciting events and important persons.

Over time, the magazine has been edited by Mati Ormisson, Kadri Taperson, Hille Karm, Liina Kusma, Tiina Mare Hiob, Eha Leppik and Helen Kask. Our thanks go to all the editors and all the authors of articles and opinions who have contributed to the magazine over the years. As of 2020, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Sinuga is Vladislav Veližanin.

You can request the published issues of the magazine from the ECDP or read them in libraries all over Estonia.
If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding the magazine, feel free to contact us!

Vladislav Veližanin
Phone: 661 6614

Illustratsioon: mees istub ja loeb ajalehte.