Management of the Chamber

The highest authority of the Chamber is the general meeting.
Between general meetings, a nine-member management board is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Chamber. Board members are appointed by the general meeting for a four-year period. A five-member executive team is responsible for the daily work.

The management board is responsible for:

  • Managing the Chamber between the general meetings and implementing the decisions made at the general meeting.
  • Approving the budget, monitoring its implementation.
  • Making decisions about accepting, withdrawing or excluding members.
  • Approving the activity report at the meeting.
  • Approving the time, place and agenda of the meetings, deciding on a quota for representation if necessary.
  • Appointing the CEO and, on a proposal by the CEO, the employees.
  • Representing the Chamber.
  • Making decisions about authorisation.
  • Other acts required by law.

The Chair of the Board who will be appointed at the meeting for four years is responsible for organising the work of the management board.

The competence of the Chair of the Board includes:

  • Organising the work of the management board.
  • Acting on behalf of the Chamber and representing it without right domestically and internationally.
  • Communicating with national and governmental bodies.
  • Granting authorisation based on the decisions of the management board.
  • Having the power to sign on behalf of the Chamber.
  • Concluding contracts on behalf of the Chamber.

Management board meetings are held no less frequently than six times a year and will be convened upon a written request either by the Chair of the Board, the CEO or by three members of the management board. Management board has a quorum if over half the members are present at its meeting. Decisions will be taken by simple majority.

Minutes of the management board (in Estonian):

Illustratsioon: noor naine hammasratastega.