Medical rehabilitation

Children with disabilities and special needs often also need medical rehabilitation. Parents are frequently confused by the fact that medical rehabilitation and rehabilitation services appear similar in many ways. While it may indeed seem to be the case at first glance, it is important to understand that in terms of funding and referral these are two entirely different services. Thus – although they may be similar in content – rehabilitation is not the same as medical rehabilitation and vice versa. Medical rehabilitation is primarily aimed at treating a specific health problem or providing follow-up care to support the treatment of a health problem. Medical rehabilitation involves actively providing various services, such as massage, corrective gymnastics, mobility exercises, etc., for a specified period of time. Often a disabled child needs both social and medical rehabilitation. For example, a child who has become disabled as a result of an accident will most certainly need active medical rehabilitation to ensure maximum restoration of their physical capabilities.

Medical rehabilitation is financed from the budget of the Health Insurance Fund and, if necessary, your child will be referred to medical rehabilitation by the family physician or a medical specialist.

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