Rights of and concessions available to parents

In addition to state and local government social benefits and services, parents (carers) raising a disabled child are also granted various rights and concessions.

Under the Public Transport Act

  • On domestic routes (including commercial routes) road, waterway, and rail carriers are required to provide free carriage to preschool children and disabled children; persons with a profound disability and at least 16 years of age; persons accompanying individuals with a profound or severe visual disability; and guide dogs accompanying persons with a visual disability.

Under the Employment Contracts Act:

  • A parent of a disabled child may only be sent on a business trip with his or her consent.
  • A parent of a disabled child is entitled to child leave of one working day per month until the child reaches the age of 18 years, which is remunerated on the basis of the average wages. By agreement with the employer, the days off may be accumulated. The employer is compensated for remunerating the extra days off by the state.
  • A parent who is raising a disabled child of up to 18 years of age is entitled to additional child leave without pay of up to 10 working days every calendar year.
  • Working carers (including the mother and father) of an adult with a profound disability are entitled to 5 additional days off per calendar year. An employer is required to remunerate their employee for the additional days off on the basis of the minimum wage, for which the employer, in turn, is compensated by the state.

Under the State Pension Insurance Act

  • Raising a disabled child is considered equal to working and is included in the period of service in pension calculations.
  • Persons whose pension qualifying period earned in Estonia is at least 15 years are entitled to old-age pension under favourable conditions. A mother, father, step-parent, guardian, or custodian who has raised a disabled child under the age of 18 for at least 8 years is entitled to old-age pension under favourable conditions 5 years before reaching the retirement age.

Study loan write-off

  • If a child of a parent who has taken a study loan is diagnosed with a severe or profound disability before the loan is repaid, the parent can have their study loan written off by the state.

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