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Just like anyone else, disabled people want to be active citizens and be engaged in employment. However, there are several conditions that have to be met so that people with disabilities would be able to work to make the work relationship agreeable for both parties.

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund actively deals with the employment of people with disabilities.

In 2016, a work ability reform was launched to help people with disabilities to better enter the labour market. The Unemployment Insurance Fund is implementing the work ability reform.

For a person with a disability, participation in the labour market requires combining work with a disability or chronic illness. This means that the worker may only be able to work part time, may need adaptation of the workplace, or other special conditions. You can also find the contact information of employers who can share their experience with employing people with disabilities through the Estonian Human Resource Management Association PARE (

If you would like to hire a disabled person
The ECDP itself does not handle recruitment. We recommend that you send your job offers to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. They have information on people with disabilities who are actively seeking employment. When hiring a person with reduced work ability, you can also receive additional benefits through the Unemployment Insurance Fund. For example,you can apply for a wage subsidy, social tax reimbursement, workplace adaptation and technical aids for work, as well as reimbursement of training costs.

You must certainly bear in mind that working in an open labour market might be too difficult for many disabled people (e.g. people with intellectual disabilities). In order to allow this target group to contribute, various institutions providing social services provide the sheltered and supported work service. Employers should contact the providers of such social services, even for carrying out small-scale subcontracting, for example. The Unemployment Insurance Fund offers a short-term sheltered employment service and the Social Insurance Board offers a long-term sheltered employment service.

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