Telephone helplines for patients

Family Doctor's Advice Line 1220 – or by phone 634 6630 which is a counselling service financed by the health insurance fund where experienced family physicians and nurses answer calls around the clock in both Estonian and Russian.

  • When calling the advice line, the caller is not identified.
  • Persons not covered by health insurance may also call.
  • Cases that require immediate intervention are routed directly to the alarm centre.
  • You can also call the landline +372 634 6630 from abroad.

Pediatrician advice line “Lastearst kuuleb” 1599 – Paid advice line that can be called from a landline and mobile phone. The price is one euro per minute.

Poisoning Centre hotline 16662 – operates under the Health Board and can be consulted for all kinds of poisonings or acute allergic reactions, including household chemicals, medical product overdoses, cosmetics, mushrooms, plants, alcohol, insect and animal bites, etc. The call is priced according to the price list of the operator. Operates around the clock.

Helplines for mental health problems.