Living with a chronic illness

A person can become ill with a chronic disease at any time in their life. In recent years, the number of people with chronic lifestyle-related illnesses (such as type II diabetes) has increased significantly worldwide, and the number of older people with one or more chronic illness has increased due to increased life expectancy.

There are several associations and unions of people with chronic diseases in Estonia that provide support in coping with the disease, share information and experiences. A number of instruction materials have also been developed by the state and hospitals to provide evidence-based recommendations on how best to deal with an illness.

The website of the North Estonia Medical Centre contains a very wide range of information materials related to hospital treatment, general recommendations for caring for one's health, as well as very comprehensive information materials on diagnosing, treating and dealing with various tumors.

The website of the University of Tartu Hospital provides a lot of information materials on various diseases, examinations and procedures, self-care and medical care.

The information portal for cancer patients and their loved ones contains comprehensive information for both cancer patients and their loved ones, as well as advice on nutrition, dental health, etc.