E-Health and my health data

Several institutions in Estonia collect the people’s health data. For example, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund receives patient data on all health care services for which the medical institution invoices the Health Insurance Fund. Information on all prescribed and purchased prescriptions is stored in the EHIF's prescription center. Physicians must enter all information on activities, examinations and analyzes performed in the course of providing healthcare services to patients into the Health information system. Unfortunately, not all doctors do this yet. As a patient, you can also help the health data to reach the Health Information System by making sure your doctor enters the data. The data entered into the Health Information System will also be visible to other doctors you have consulted, and this will help to treat you more effectively. The availability of data in the Health Information System is also important if you are requesting an assessment of your work ability or the determination of a disability.

In collection, management and analysis of health data, all parties must adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act. It is important to know that health data is considered sensitive personal data and is therefore subject to stricter rules regarding its protection and use. Healthcare professionals or other officials involved in the provision of healthcare services must ensure that information about the patient's identity and state of health that they become aware of is not passed on to unauthorized persons.

One part of the Health Information System is the patient portal, which requires an ID card or mobile ID to access.

In the patient portal, you can:

  • Examine the information on invoices submitted to the Health Insurance Fund.
  • Examine the health data submitted by a doctor to the Health Information System.
  • Provide various declarations of intent that healthcare professionals must take into account (e.g. authorization to use or refuse blood transfusions, authorization to use organs or tissues after death to rescue others).
  • You can appoint people authorized to buy prescription medicines for you.
  • You can appoint representatives with different rights.
  • If desired, you can deny the display of your health data to users of the system. It is important to know that when you close the data, other doctors will no longer see your health data, which may be essential for providing the best treatment. In this case, only the doctor who entered the data will see it.

You can also find information related to your health from the state portal, where you can log in using ID card or mobile ID options, as well as via a bank link.
In the state portal, you can:

  • Get information on how much incapacity benefit has been calculated and paid to you.
  • Get information on how long your health insurance and European Health Insurance Card are valid.
  • See who your family doctor is.
  • Examine information on prescription medications.

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