What are my rights as a patient?

When you go to see a doctor or go to a hospital, you probably don't think about it very often that you and your doctor have a number of rights and obligations under the Consumer Protection Act and the Law of Obligations Act.

The patient’s rights:

  • Obtain services that are harmless to their life and health.
  • Receive sufficient information on treatments, expected results, side effects and alternatives. At the request of the patient, the service provider must provide this information in writing.
  • Request, view and receive copies of documents prepared about them.
  • Select a doctor and medical institution.

Obligations of the patient:

  • Inform their doctor of any health-related factors that may be relevant in prescribing treatment.

A number of obligations have also been imposed on healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to ensure these rights. Health care providers i.e. health care workers are:

  • A hospital and the doctors and nurses working there.
  • Specialists of a private practice.
  • Family medicine center with the entire team, including nurses.
  • Dentists.
  • Midwives.

In order to provide the service, the health care worker must be registered in the register of the Health Board, which is public and, if desired, can be used to check the service provider's activity license.

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